Olympic Race Preview – The Men

There is one hot favourite to take the gold medal in the men’s field.  In 2008, while still a U23 rider, he won bronze by narrowly beating countryman Christoph Sauser.  In 2012 it came down to a sprint where he lacked the punch and took away silver.  He has one more medal to win to … Read more

Olympic Race Preview – The Women

It’s almost time.  In sport, the term ‘four more years’ has nothing to do with American politics and everything to do with one day, one race, one moment.  To get it right, to confirm what is already known, to repeat history, to face down the demons of the past, to make history.  To take years of … Read more

Olympic MTB History 101

Cross country first appeared at the Games in Atlanta in 1996.  The mountain bike races in Rio this weekend will be the 6th time the cross country discipline has appeared at the Games.  Here is a look at 20 years of mountain bike Olympic history, how it’s changed, and what has stayed the same. The Course … Read more

Cowbell Preview – XCO World Cup Round 4

With the excitement of the world champs last weekend still fresh in our minds, it’s already time to look to the next world cup!  This weekend we’re off to Switzerland.  The Swiss know a lot about cowbells!  And you can bet on hearing some Alphorn players out on the course.  They also happen to know … Read more

Cowbell Preview – XCO World Champs 2016

It’s time to race for the rainbow jersey. Nové Město na Moravě has been host to a World Cup race every year since 2011.  The feature-laden course is a racer favourite and the fans turn out in the tens of thousands to watch them take on iconic elements like Rock’n’Roll, Midas Choice, AC/DC and the … Read more

Getting Along While Getting By

One of the craziest races I ever did for passing and being passed was at Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Canada.  There were about 30 women and 150 elite and U23 guys.  The women started several minutes back, so I was caught by the lead guy towards the end of the 2nd lap and passed by … Read more

Proud sponsor of…

This coming Sunday is the first race in the 3 round Cyclezone Rotorua Winter Series (brought to us by the event awesomeness of N-duro events. For round 1, the short course event is brought to you by Cowbell Coaching!  The fastest 3 guys and the fastest 3 girls will be presented with training plans to … Read more