A few points about… points

It’s not all that long until Rio hosts the XXXI Olympiad. For cross country mountain biking, this weekend just gone marked the end of the qualification period for participating nations. Those with an interest in the riders who will be representing New Zealand have been watching the racing of the last few months closely, and … Read more

More Cowbell

Over the last eight years I’ve had an absolute blast working with up to more than 20 riders at a time from the ages of 14 to 50-something who have raced on the road or the dirt, or both, or started with one and taken up the other, for races that last for anything from … Read more

Get ready for cyclocross season

The weather today around Wellington is a timely reminder of the coming season… yeah, yeah – winter blah blah… or a far more exciting way to look at it: CYCLOCROSS!!! It kicks off in less than a month!  Are you getting prepared?  I can almost hear the cowbells. Like all cycling disciplines, ‘cross has certain … Read more