When I was racing, my approach to turn dreams in to goals and goals in to successes was to follow a programme that put me in the best position to perform on race day.  My goals, dreams and philosophy as an athlete grew from the immense passion I have for my sport, and the thrill of continuing to challenge myself at consistently higher levels.

As a coach my philosophy is to pass on the knowledge I have gained to others to help them in the pursuit of their own dreams and to achieve the challenges they have set for themselves.  Becoming your best can be greatly assisted by the implementation and execution of structured training including the physical, technical, mental and nutritional aspects of training and racing.

To aid you in improving your performance and achieving your goals I will provide you with a personalized, structured training programme and supplementary information on mental skills and motivation, nutrition, equipment selection and recovery.

Crucial to the success of your programme is the relationship that you and I will develop as coach and athlete.  Every rider is an individual and will respond to different methods so I aim to learn as much as I can to ensure the programme and methods developed for you are the right ones.

To aid in developing this relationship I offer reasonable unlimited email and phone (and face to face when available) contact to answer any questions you may have and to ensure changes can be made to your programme in response to changing circumstances.  In return, I require you to provide regular (at least weekly) updates on your progress against the progamme.  This minimum feedback enables me to monitor your progress and ensure the programme is working for you.  I find some riders are comfortable with weekly exchanges while others prefer more contact.

I’ll work with you as much or as little as you need to set your goals, plan your season, identify events and review race performances.

First steps

Before developing a custom training programme it is important that I understand the broader context in which your training will take place.  I will ask you to complete a questionnaire designed to ensure I am aware of your goals, availability, training tools, constraints, strengths, weaknesses, current fitness/skill level, and experience in riding/racing.  I’ll follow that up with any necessary questions to refine things before developing your first training block.

If you would like to begin a custom training programme with me please let me know and I will send you a copy of the questionnaire for completion.

I look forward to working with you in pursuit of your cycling goals.