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What happens when you take the youngest cycling discipline in New Zealand to the oldest mountain bike start line in the southern hemisphere?  Cowbell ‘cross.

CX in summer? Firstly, it’s Wellington so the only guarantee we’ll make about the weather is that there will be some. But we do know we’ll have a few more hours of daylight to play with than a traditional CX race, so we’ve added in some extra events and we’ve got something for everyone, even if you don’t have a bike. And if you do, you could do up to 4 different races!

  • Run ‘cross: A 40 minute, multi-lap, cross country run taking in all of the features of the CX course – steps, tight turns, camber, steep run ups and drop offs. Bring your bike, or bikes, and see what gets you around the course the fastest on the day.
  • Relay ‘cross: In the true spirit of ‘run what ya brung’ 2-person teams will complete alternate laps on either feet or wheels. Any type of non-motorised bike may be used, just remember it’ll be on the CX course with all of the CX features. Teams can be made up of any combination of runners or riders but you must complete every lap using the same mode. As this is a mass-start, mass-participation event expect to pass or be passed, and do so in a kind manner.
  • Short track: The CX races are for CX bikes only, but we don’t want our mountain biker friends to feel left out. Wide bars and fat tyres only need apply. But as if short track isn’t hard enough already, this 30 minute race will be run on the full CX course!
  • Small ‘cross: For kids up to 8 years old.  We’ll shrink the course but keep some features and give the kids 15 minutes from the whistle to complete as many laps as they can.  Parents are encouraged to assist.
  • Cowbell ‘cross (CX): Men and women, A and B grades. The real deal. Drop bars and max tyre width of 35mm. B men and A and B women race for 40 minutes (separate race for women) with A men racing 50 minutes.


8:30-8:55Non-CX practice
9:00-9:40Run 'cross
9:55-10:25Short track
10:35-10:55Small 'cross
11:00-11:40Run 'cross and short track presentations/Course open for practice
11:45-12:25Relay 'cross
12:35-12:55CX course practice
1:00-1:40Men's B Cowbell 'cross
1:50-2:10Women's course practice
2:15-2:55Women's A and B Cowbell 'cross
3:05-3:25Course practice
3:30-4:20Men's A Cowbell 'cross
4:30Cowbell 'cross presentations

Entry fees

Small ‘cross and relay ‘cross are free. There will be no podium presentation and you do not need to enter. Just come along and have some fun!

Run ‘cross/Short track/Cowbell ‘cross

1 event:  $20

2 events: $25

3 events: $30

Entries are open now. Select your combination of 1, 2, or 3 events, then select your gender.  On the day you will be required to pick up a timing chip for each event you are participating in.  Please make sure you use the right chip for each event.

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There is limited space for parking at Karapoti Park.  Additional parking will be available and will be clearly sign-posted on the day.


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A link to results will be posted when available after the event.