WP_20160529_12_33_50_Rich_edited_editedLisa mixes a solid analytical approach to sports performance with endless enthusiasm while drawing on her own experiences as an elite racer. She challenges pre-set limitations you have placed on yourself, believes in a work-life-training balance and has been hugely successful in making me a stronger, fitter, faster cyclist. She has helped transform me from the racer I imagined I could be to the one I am.” – Kim Hurst – Karapoti Record Holder and Women’s Champion 2013/14/16, National CX Champ 2012/14, Coppermine Epic record holder, ultra-endurance racer, multiple age-grade national champ in MTB, TT and road, 24 hour MTB world champion 2014, 200 mile world champion 2014, Silver Medal at NZ XCO Champs 2016.

malc_cropped“Have to say, thank you! Such an amazing coach. You have opened my mind to what I can do and are just a wonderful person to work with. Thank you!” – Malcolm Jeffrey – 3rd place solo Wainui Worlds 2016, sub-3 Karapoti 2016.




11140747_10153195908735783_1935785022902863623_n“Lisa has been great in guiding me toward my goals and beyond!  I’d come across her a number of years prior, but got on board with a programme in mid 2012, realising I wanted to keep pushing myself with endurance events without any real idea how one should prepare for them. Having seen Kim Hurst smash the whole solo field at the Moonride under her guidance, I figured she was well qualified, and ‘if you can’t beat em, join em’.

Having a plan to follow has meant I’ve felt confident that each session is a piece of the big picture goals, and therefore, I’ve fitted more quality training into a shorter timeframe than I otherwise would have whilst still having ample time for study and work.
Over the years, as my focus has shifted between disciplines, Lisa has proved more than capable of putting me right where I need to be training wise, and with a good variety of sessions. Her enthusiasm for others achieving their own personal goals has been plain to see throughout.  Combining a passion for data with years of her own experience racing internationally, she has the insight and foresight to help anyone willing to put in the effort to reach their goals.

Thanks doesn’t really cover it Coach. I look forward to working together into the future.”
 – Ryan Hunt – 24 hour MTB U23 world champion 2014, 3rd U23 2016 24 hour MTB world champs, 4th U23 2013 24 hour MTB world champs, 12hr Solo Podium Regular, Sub 3hr Club Karapoti finisher, Top 20 Whaka100 2015.

73659_457769932828_2754146_n“Lisa was my first proper coach. It took me awhile to get used to the structure and discipline required but once I got that under control I found that getting my training completed was easy. Having a goal for each session meant that I was satisfied each day rather than not being sure I was doing enough. In fact I trained less, had more time and got way better results with Lisa providing her guidance.” – Charlotte Ireland – 2 x Kiwi Brevet finisher, Masters 24 Solo World Champs, TransRockies – ultra endurance junkie!


223351_513629432527_4090_n“Lisa started coaching me towards the end of 2007 after I entered the PNP Series in Rec grade and realised that I wanted to get fitter and faster! We worked towards Karapoti 2008 as our main goal that season, with some Nationals XC races thrown in the mix too. I was stoked I got under the time goal I wanted for Karapoti, and 5th in my category too! I maintained my fitness over that winter and then started back with Lisa later in 2008 with the intention of doing the Crazyman Duathlon in 2009. A change in jobs and location meant that I never got to do the Crazyman, but I managed to get in a few more Nationals races towards the end of my training, and felt fit and strong on the bike. I found Lisa’s coaching style to be quite rigid to start off with, but once I got used to it, I found it was quite easy to follow. It was nice knowing what I had to do each day and having the structure meant that I wasn’t wasting my time when I headed out on the bike. It was good to see that she tailored my programme later to incorporate some running training for the Crazyman, and more off-road riding to keep me sane! Thanks Lisa for a great couple of seasons of racing :)” – Celia Lane – 3rd senior woman NI Cup 2008, 5th senior woman Karapoti 2008, long time bike enthusiast!