Karapoti 2014

The inaugural Cowbell Coaching Karapoti Training Camp was held on 25-26 January 2014. Between incredible supporters and a great bunch of enthusiastic participants it went off without a hitch.  A blog is here, and some feedback from participants is below:

Huge thanks for the weekend – it was extremely good.  Insights from Greg on physio, nutrition from you, quick bike set up from Ricky, and mind stuff from Kim were all extremely good, as was all the general chat from all three of you throughout the weekend.  Gravel tips, bike carrying from Ricky and then a recce of the course as well – really fantastic.  Congratulations on putting together such a useful weekend. I’ve been on some weekend camps for other sports in my time, and I think yours really stands out for targeted advice/info, and inspiration.

The entire training camp was just amazing.  I learnt so much about everything to do with riding and racing my mountain bike and met a group of amazing new friends.
The guided tour of the challenge course was superb and I am now feeling much more prepared and a little less daunted by the course.  Thanks for all the tips along the way, they were really helpful and I will definitely be including them in my training and race.
I really can’t say thank you enough for the effort and planning that went in to organizing the training weekend and making it available to riders of all abilities.  The goodie bags and the information contained within is incredible.

I was in Kim’s group.  Pace was perfect for me.  Walking different lines through rock garden and then riding was great for confidence.  Rest of group was very supportive and inspirational too.

Great to hear about Kim’s earlier Karapoti experiences, makes anything seem possible.
Great hearing from Kim.

I was in the slow group and the pace was just right.  Ricky was good at explaining the course and I learnt something about cornering that I didn’t know.  My brother in law raves about Em’s cookes, now I agree with him.

Best goodie bag I have ever had!!!

Definitely an experience to share with other like minded people.  I’d like to think I’ve made a few new friends!!!!

Thanks so much for this, the biggest thing I personally got out of it was seeing my kids get so much out of it, I think it will significantly improve their capacity to perform in competition, but mostly I think it will help them to get maximum enjoyment and satisfaction out of their competing.

I came away with a toning program that I can use every day, knowing that the exercises are the right ones to strengthen me for my sports goals.

I do heaps of events and your goodie bag was more relevant and useful than most.
It was great.  Good banter and fun to do. Ricky knows a LOT!  Ricky was magic – so patient.

I’ve been raving about it to anyone who will listen. My riding buddies are sorry they didn’t do it even though I sent them the link a few times.   Great experience to meet such good riders.  It was inspirational listening to Lisa, Kim, Ricky. We were very lucky.