Self-Guided Training Plans

Select a self-guided training plan below to preview or purchase.  For some events there are two types of plans – Competitor and Completer.  Completer plans are better suited to riders who are new to structured training and generally require a combination of less volume and less total intensity than specific plans.  They also require minimal equipment – if you already have the gear to go mountain biking, you’re set.  Competitor plans are designed for more experienced riders and racers.  They can be completed without additional equipment but are written based on training with heart rate, and many sessions are suited to road bikes (a mountain bike on the road, or suitable dirt roads is equally effective).    In some cases Competitor plans are longer than their Completer counterparts (eg 16 weeks vs 12 weeks).

Occasionally there will be plans for specific events.  A specific event plan takes in to account the unique characteristics of that event, for example the type of terrain you will encounter influences targeted training.  Free ‘Basic’ plans are ideal for first timers or those new to structured training.

For each plan with a preview link you can view the introduction, overview and first two weeks of training in full.  Links to Training Peaks will take you to the Cowbell Coaching Training Peaks Store where you can view details of the plan before making a purchase (note, prices on Training Peaks are in US dollars).

If you purchase a training plan through this site you will be sent an email containing a link to download the training plan/s you selected.  Each training plan contains:

  • An overview of the plan including daily and weekly training hours;
  • A day by day plan of training sessions tailored to your event for the specified number of weeks leading up to race day
  • A table describing the training zones referred to in the sessions so you know your are putting your body under the right amount of stress at the right time

You can calculate your training zones if you will be using a heart rate monitor and/or power meter here   Cowbell Coaching Training Zones

Training PlanPrice  
Coppermine-Karapoti Double Header Special Offer$180See Preview
Coppermine Epic$200See Preview
Coppermine Classic$200See Preview
Coppermine Classic Basic 8 week planFreeView plan
Karapoti Classic Competitor$US100 Preview and Purchase on Training PeaksApprox $NZ150
Karapoti Classic Completer$US100 Preview and Purchase on Training PeaksApprox $NZ150
Whaka 100 Personal Best 16 week plan$250New 2017 plans coming!
Whaka 100 Basic 8 week Training PlanFreeNew 2017 plans coming!
6-Hour Solo - Completer Plan: 12 weeks $150See Preview
6-Hour Solo - Competitor Plan: 12 weeks $150See Preview
12-Hour Solo - Completer Plan: 12 weeks$150See Preview
12-Hour Solo - Competitor Plan: 16 weeks$US135Preview and Purchase on Training PeaksApprox $NZ200

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All prices include GST.  Note that prices on Training Peaks are in US dollars.