What’s Cowbell ‘Cross all about?

Nothing for months and now ‘Cowbell ‘Cross’?

Life likes to throw us all little curve balls sometimes.  I was never good at hitting a round ball with a round bat but usually I step up and take a swing.  Then I lost my little dog, and then Mum, in rapid succession, both to the same thing and equally suddenly and unexpectedly.  To continue the analogy I put down the bat and left the park.  Instead of being in the Netherlands for world champs this year, Kim and I were at home saying our final goodbyes to Mum.  Moving past that isn’t easy.  It’s harder to navigate than any obstacle on a ‘cross  course.

But something I’d been thinking about doing before the wheels slid out was bringing more of a CX focus to Cowbell so, finally, this is it.  Still Cowbell, still just a little bit of coaching for now at least, and a lot more ‘cross.

I’ve been rolling around ‘cross courses for longer than most people in NZ.  I missed the start of it all, busy chasing summers on my mountain bike, but one Sunday morning in the winter of 2011 I rode to a park five minutes from home and 30 minutes later I was hooked.  Since then I’ve participated on and off, set up and packed down a few courses, and the shed I built last summer has become home to a bunch of equipment for Huttcross races!  But mostly I’ve been coaching.  I started in 2011.  In 2012 I ran my first skills clinics and in the years since I’ve been refining the nature of training I prescribe, both on and off the bike, based on experience and exposure to higher and higher levels of the sport.

Truth be told, at times I’ve barely been a step ahead of what I’ve taught.  As old as the sport is, it wasn’t something you could see a lot of in NZ.  That’s changed in a lot of places with grass roots racing a popular winter past time, and access to overseas footage opening up.  And of course there’s nothing like seeing it in real life at the top level to gain a true appreciation for what needs to be involved.

Cowbell ‘Cross isn’t anything in particular – just Cowbell Coaching with a CX flavour.

Cowbell ‘cross bike – not all ‘cross bikes have cow print paint jobs…